Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Carøye

Dream about the perfect look of Sienna Miller? Well you’re not the only one and now your dreams might actually come true. All you have to do is check out the Danish brand Just Carøye. Get cool jumpsuit with wide legs, long and amazing hippie dresses and other cool stuff at

Marianne Carøe is a designer with a passion and a dressmaker incarnate. For her, true joy lies in sheer creativity and in daring to do new things in new ways.She designs exclusive clothes with a unique, personal style that is distinctive, sophisticated and direct, gilded with sumptuous details and highlights from the 70'th.Right from an early age, Marianne Carøe was determined to immerse herself in every detail of her craft, and was apprenticed to a gentleman’s tailor. She was already running her own business by the time she was 21. Since then, she has designed and crafted countless fascinating creations for customers throughout the world.Design that speaks quality.

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