Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey guys!

The spring is finally on its way, and everybody knows what that means! New season, new wardrobe. Oh yeas girls, you know the word - SHOPPING! Just one problem, how do you shop with your perfect-looking bestfriend? I bet everybody has a friend whith a body-figure like a modell and has the "thrown-directly-out-of-a-bikini-commercial" - look. Then there's the question: how to shop with with the friend that make you feel like Lily Allen next to Blake Lively?

Some tips:

  • Even if her body is to die for, you have to appriciate your own beauty. Dress up in some clothes you know looks great on you. Ask your friend to help picking out an outfit. Then you're guaranteed to look great!

  • If you have different body shapes, don't try on the same stuff. Find something that looks nice on you and fits your kind of figure.

  • You have to realise that you're not in competition with anyone! The sooner you understand, the less you'll compare yourself to others

  • You're not the only one with a superhot bestfriend. We all look in the mirror and see something we want to "fix" or "switch"

  • You're not out shopping to feel bad about yourself! Have fun and focus on your friendship (and ofcourse buy really cool clothes!)

Hope you have a great time shopping ! Every shopping-day is a happy-day !

Cheers *S and eM

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